EASYTECH – Methods and instruments for Rehabilitation

Easytech Srl is an Italian company specialized in the design and manufacture of equipments for physiotherapy and rehabilitation with the aim of providing its customers the most advanced and effective tools for the physical and motor recovery of the patient.
Professional athletes, young athletes, sedentary adults and elderly people can take advantage of the most modern and sophisticated technology to achieve complete health and wellness.
For the full recovery of the patient it is important to identify a rehabilitation project that must respect in order the following five phases:

  • control of pain and inflammation
  • recovery of the articulation mobility and flexibility
  • recovery of muscular strength and resistance
  • recovery of coordination
  • recovery of specific gestual ability

Easytech’s methods and instruments provide the best possible benefits in the rehabilitation project in 5 steps.

For more information please log on to www.easytechitalia.com

For Quotation & Queries Please contact us info@physionics.net


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